Why should a corporate be part of BassChron?

BassChron supports corporates corporates by finding ideas, opportunities, trending startups and innovative partners.

BassChron’s service is:

  • individual
  • creative
  • focused on innovation
  • and gives ideas how to cooperate
BassChron Opportunities


Demand and supply have to match!

Corporates get a lot of requests through different channels but most of them never suit. BassChron helps you as a gate keeper and presents only the suitable opportunities.

Idea subscription

BassChron delivers ideas about possibilities and how to cooperate with business partners. Ideas are often easy to come up with when the point of view is different.

A fun idea for outdoor advertisement: what about Reverse Graffiti?

Innovation scouting brings you:

new Customers

innovative Partners

inventive Suppliers

Corporate Membership

BassChron is about bringing you innovative partners your business and several opportunities. These possibilities will give you a lead and a special standing in your business environment.

Your membership will give you all suitable possibilities, partners and ideas BassChron comes across.

The more you work with us the more you’ll get out of it. 

BassChron Communication

Don’t be shy! We love to hear from you.