Why should your corporate be part of the BassChron-Community?

BassChron supports corporates by providing ideas, opportunities, trending startups and innovative partners.

BassChron’s brings value to all departments. The needs of marketing, sales or human resources are different, but our individual service matches them.

BassChron Opportunities

1. Opportunities

Demand and supply must match!

Corporates get a lot of requests through different channels but most of them never suit. BassChron helps you as a gate keeper and presents only the suitable opportunities.

2. Ideas

BassChron delivers ideas about possibilities and how to cooperate with business partners.

A fun idea for outdoor advertisement: what about Reverse Graffiti?

4. BassChron works in both directions

You approach BassChron, because you are looking for something. This might be a contact to a potential customer or a supplier for your needs.

BassChron approaches you! A potential partner or an opportunity appears and BassChron will give you notice about it.

Corporate membership

BassChron brings you innovative partners, opportunities and a solution-orientated concierge.

Your membership will give you all suitable possibilities, partners and ideas BassChron comes across.

The more you work with us, the more you’ll get out of it. 

BassChron Communication
Philipp Haas

Philipp Haas


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