About The Bassena Chronicle

We create opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses, which are interested in and excited for innovation. Not only are we actively creating opportunities by connecting the right players with each other, we are also keeping track of new ideas, innovations and projects.

Support for our partners and clients is one of the most important goals we target. We suggest creative ideas and supply them with specific solutions provided by innovative entrepreneurs around the world.

Although the concept may not be new, there are undeniably more possibilities for creative minds than there established today.

Thrilled for innovation. In almost every branch disruptive products and services will create a benefit for society. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to stay up to date with every innovation. This is the point where The Bassena Chronicle steps in. We create different touchpoints on several occasions and keep the parties involved updated.

Our business ecosystem, which offers several different touchpoints for all participants, is open for everyone, who is willing to be an active part of it. Since connections and support have to be established, we manage the eco system and constantly guide every partner.

Be part of our ecosystem

The innovation leaders:

Our service exists because humans all around the globe create amazing products and services which improve in one way or another the life of other humans. The only way to empower entrepreneurs and inventors is by supporting them with resources and faster connections with other players.

These entrepreneurs represent our content, which is spread in our whole ecosystem.

The ambassadors:

Everybody has a personal business network, which is built over years and decades by meeting new colleagues, partners and customers. A business network is the most important tool everyone has. But your network is limited. But what would you do if it was unlimited? With our ambassador network we make things happen and increase all business networks enormously.

In our ecosystem you need to participate actively. This will reward you with 50% of your commission if a monetary deal will be completed through your assistance.

Partners & Media Partners:

Our ecosystem provides benefits for every participant. Nevertheless, established companies are very important for upcoming innovative entrepreneurs. This is why one of our main goals is to connect entrepreneurs to partner companies regarding cooperation, collaboration, assistance with products and services and special offers for the upcoming entrepreneurs.

Established companies and startups/young entrepreneurs should interact on the same level and benefit from another.
Our ecosystem is built to provide individual value for every participant.